Tuesday, June 25
6pm ET / 3pm PT

Brighten Your Voice

In this interactive workshop you'll engage in a range of experiential exercises to begin finding a brighter voice and learn more about how voice training and transition can help you develop confidence and momentum toward using an aligned voice in your every day life.

Traditional voice therapy techniques have heavily emphasized pitch as the primary focus. This outdated approach can limit the amount of range and skill that you can gain in controlling your voice. Resonance is the most critical aspect of voice transition and the essential key factor in changing the gender perception of a voice. The concept of resonance can be heard as a spectrum, with dark at one end and bright at the other.

Every individual has a unique vocal tract, much like a fingerprint. However, it is possible to manipulate the size and shape of your vocal tract to a large extent. By manipulating the size and shape of your vocal tract you can change the resonance of your voice. Through proper training and practice, you can learn to control these changes and choose the resonance that aligns with your unique identity, allowing for a more authentic and expressive voice that truly reflects your gender identity.

About Educator Nicole:

Nicole Gress, MS, CCC-SLP (she/they) is a leading expert in accessible transgender voice care. As a gender-fluid individual, they know firsthand the power of voice in affirming one's gender identity. Nicole has leveraged their nine years of experience as a speech-language pathologist in the trans voice specialty to redefine voice transition care and champion innovative, inclusive solutions for the transgender community.