I was so excited

This grant has allowed me to pursue HRT in a financially sustainable way. I was so excited when I learned I wouldn't have to deal with the transphobia of my local pharmacy and potential HRT providers as well as I wouldn't have to out myself or justify my identity to my family if I went through insurance.


Dream come into fruition

My process of HRT is about choosing myself and exploring the curiosity of my gender. Receiving HRT grant has allowed me to have a long tine dream come to fruition.


Broken down that barrier to let me began my journey

I am a nearly 30 year old transgender man who has known I am transgender for almost a decade, and only just this year finally been able to start hormone replacement therapy officially. Without insurance approval, HRT ends up very expensive-so I spent years trying to find low-cost alternatives and access points, but am not in a convenient location to get assistance that can be found in bigger cities. I thought I was never going to be able to transition, but the HRT grant has finally broken down that barrier to let me begin my journey after years of waiting. Words cannot overstate how much it means to be able to transition with nothing standing in my way.


Support Trans Lives with the FOLX Care Fund

Since 2021, FOLX and the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition have provided free gender-affirming hormone therapy (GAHT) to over 180 in-need members of the trans community. This year the need is greater than ever. So our goal is bigger than ever. If you have the funds, please donate to support trans people in need.


Does FOLX accept donations towards the Care Fund?

Donations are accepted by the National Black Trans Advocacy Coalition (a 501c3) for the Care Fund! We accept donations of any size. If your organization wants to support, get in touch!

How do I sign up to receive a Care Fund grant?

Apply through the link at the top of this page. We'll ask you some questions about yourself and you'll go into our grant application process.

What does the Care Fund grant cover?

The year-long grants cover:
-gender-affirming hormone therapy prescription medications (e.g. estrogen and testosterone)
-clinical visits with FOLX's trans-specialist clinicians
-lab work and hormone monitoring
-care navigation and advocacy
-support for basic needs such as housing and employment

Have additional questions? Reach out in our help center and submit a request.
We can't wait to
take care of you.