Saturday, June 22
2pm ET / 11am PT

Mindfulness Retreat

Join us for an hour and forty five minute virtual mindfulness retreat to learn about different relaxation techniques and the benefits of incorporating these practices in your every day.

About your counselors:

Jacob (he/they) is a trans masculine identified registered nurse who specializes in HIV, PrEP, and sexual health for queer and trans adolescents and young adults. Outside of FOLX you can find Jacob fixing and building various things, hanging out with their dog Kohlrabi, driving around the country, and working towards normalizing and destigmatizing sobriety, especially within the healthcare field. They have a lifelong love of summer camp and are so excited about being a counselor for Pride Camp 2024! 

Camp Counselor Colbie (she/her) likes her pup, Mizu, and does NOT like snakes or cold weather. Colbie is known best for her love of upcycling and cooking and would likely be found in a cafe on any given international trip. Colbie's favorite camp activity is: fishing.