For Trans Day of Visibility, we’ve gathered stories, photos, and videos from some of our trans community members! Meet some of the folks in our FOLX community and celebrate being yourself and finding trans joy this TDOV.

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Member Videos

The Lavender Collection

Origami Customs x FOLX is a special collection in FOLX colors. During the promotion, anyone who purchases an item will also get a free month of FOLX (new members only).

Origami Customs is a trans-owned business that makes customized and handmade swimwear, lingerie, and more for folks of all genders. Every single one of their products is made by hand in their studio. They make gaffs, binders, bodysuits, bras, undies, swimwear, and more.


I've had such a positive experience getting my hormones through FOLX. To me, HRT has improved the quality of my life in countless ways. I spent 8 years on a host of different psych meds, and nothing ever helped like just being on T has helped. Hormones made my life better, but before FOLX, it felt difficult to engage regularly with medical settings and all that comes with navigating a fatphobic + transphobic system. FOLX made that possible for me and I'll always be thankful. I'm happy to share my experiences to help encourage anyone who may feel unsure about accessing this as a resource.

Thank you for helping me become more of the person I’ve always been inside.

I was born before and grew up at a time when transgender, or any gender and sexuality was not understood, shared or even contemplated. The word transition did not exist and many like me grew up alone, confused and dealing with urges none of us understood and so few, so few made it out alive into the light during their lifetime. I lived three lives for 50 years and yet here I am helping others.

I began my transition journey two years ago and I’m here to share my story and help reduce prejudice and inspire others to come out.

FOLX made HRT possible for me to start and continue due to life circumstances — first living in a rural area, and then secondly having to move suddenly to another state. And I'd like to share that aspect for people who may may feel they lack access or are afraid of losing access if they started, as FOLX made it easy to join and to switch physicians fairly seamlessly.

Partnership with
The Crisis Text Line

We are partnering with
Crisis Text Line to expand 24/7 Mental Health support for the LGBTQIA+ Community!

Crisis Text Line is a nonprofit organization
that provides free, 24/7, confidential text-based mental health support in both English and Spanish. FOLX members seeking support
can now text FOLX to 741741 to reach a live volunteer crisis counselor.

Healthcare that's
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