This is considered the safest route of taking estrogen, so is often reserved for older members or members with more complex medical conditions that lead to concerns for blood clots.

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How to take

A patch (or multiple patches) applied every 3-4 days, allowing estrogen to be absorbed through the skin, and into the bloodstream.

Potential side effects

Estrogens may interact and create more problems in persons with severe liver, thyroid or gall bladder disease, high blood triglycerides, and migraine headaches with aura or neurovascular symptoms. If you have these conditions or concerns, discuss this with you clinician here at Folx as well as your local medical provider.

Rarely, estrogen can cause benign (not cancerous) cell growth in the pituitary gland inside the brain. Estrogens could increase a person’s risk of breast cancer and decrease a person’s risk of prostate cancer. At present, it does not seem like estrogen creates much high cancer risks.

Are Estradiol patches right for me?

This route has less fluctuation in hormone levels than injectable since the patch evenly releases the medicine through the skin little by little throughout the week.

This may be a preferred method for those with needle phobia and injection anxiety.

This route is considered the “safest” route for those who may have increased risk for blood clots.


(UNII: 83D19O7250)



If you’re looking for specific ingredients due to allergies, it's always best to reference the documentation that accompanies your refill as it will be fully accurate to the medication you have in hand. If you have any questions please reach out to our team so we can help ensure your safety.

Popular Questions

What happens if they start falling off?

You can usually reapply them and put a bandaid on them. If it's not sticking and the majority of it is falling off, you should apply a new patch.

Can I swim or shower with them?

Yes! You can swim and shower with them. They are water resistant on the outside.

What happens if I sweat a lot?

It's important when you first apply the patch that you make sure your skin is dry so there's a good surface to stick to. Sometimes, people who sweat a lot will notice their patches fall off earlier than other people. If this continues to happen to you, we may have to talk about a different route for you.

Where do I put them?

It's important to put them on a place that does not have a lot of hair and won't experience a lot of friction. So the back of your upper arm, lower back, and shoulder areas are all popular and good options.

I have really sensitive skin, will it irritate it?

The adhesives on the patch can sometimes be irritating. If you get serious irritation, itching, or a rash when you apply a bandage, the patch may not be the right route for you

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