(Prometrium) Daily pill that may help with breast shaping or after breast development has stopped with Estradiol.

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How to take

A daily pill usually taken at night as it can sometimes cause fatigue.

Potential side effects

Some progesterones may also cause increased appetite and weight gain, which can be helpful to some people. Some progesterones cause sleepiness or sedation and if taken before bed might help with sleep.

Is progesterone right for me?

Two common reasons people usually take progesterone is for mood stabilization and that it may help with breast shape and contour. There is some testosterone blocking ability in progesterone as well. This medication is not recommended for those with a peanut allergy.


Peanut Oil
Gelatin, unspecified
Lecithin, soybean
Titanium Dioxide
Medium-chain Triglycerides

If you’re looking for specific ingredients due to allergies, it's always best to reference the documentation that accompanies your refill as it will be fully accurate to the medication you have in hand. If you have any questions please reach out to our team so we can help ensure your safety.

Popular Questions

Should I take progesterone?

Some people decide to take progesterone and usually it's about 9 months to a year after they've been on estrogen. If this is something that's interesting to you, talk with your clinician about adding it to your regimen.

Will it make my breasts grow?

Progesterone might help with additional breast contouring and shaping, but there isn't much data to show that it will significantly increase breast size.

Will it make me feel tired?

Progesterone is a hormone that can help with mood and energy stabilization, the downside is that some people feel tired when taking it. This is individual to each person.

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