Our Favorite Self-Care Products From LGBTQ+ Owned Brands

In a world that often moves rapidly, finding moments for self-care becomes a secret weapon for balance and well-being. This blog post celebrates intentional nourishment as we share a curated selection of our favorite self-care products, exclusively sourced from LGBTQ+ owned brands. Whether you're a seasoned self-care pro or just beginning to explore the realm of personal wellness, each item has proven to be a reliable ally in our pursuit of relaxation, rejuvenation, and overall health. From skincare to home goods to apparel, each piece in this collection is a nudge to pause and prioritize self-care while supporting a queer-owned brand.

December 13, 2023
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Guest Post by Famm

This curated list is handpicked by Famm™ — a queer, woman, and POC-owned platform where you can easily discover LGBTQ+ owned brands. With 600+ brands and products spanning multiple categories, including wellness, apparel, beauty, home goods, and more, Famm™ is on a mission to bring more visibility to queer-owned businesses, inspire the next generation of LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs, and help our community build generational wealth.

1. Lockwood

Simple Checker Cotton Slippers: $16.95

white and black checkered slippers from lockwood

Keep your feet warm by wearing Lockwood’s checker slippers! These slippers have a black and white checkerboard pattern and a soft cotton lining for added comfort and are basically like a cozy hug for your feet. Lockwood is a vibrant retail destination that opened in Astoria, Queens, in 2013. They have grown into a well-loved brand, expanding to six brick-and-mortar locations across New York City. With a passion for curating unique decor, stationary, clothing, gifts, affordable lifestyle goods, and more, Lockwood focuses on amplifying local artists and upcoming brands. 

2. Noto

Resurface Scrub: $38.00

a jar filled with NOTO resurface scrub

Meet Noto, a gender-inclusive, clean cosmetic line founded by professional makeup artist Gloria Noto. Noto’s products are packed with simple and high-performing ingredients that will regularly transform your skin. We highly recommend their Resurface Face and Body Scrub, which combines organic aloe, blood orange, walnut shell dust with alpha hydroxy acids. This scrub works as a dual-action exfoliation for all your skincare needs. One jar of this scrub goes a long way!

3. Equal Love

Body Wash: $35.00

A bottle of Equal Love Body Wash

Discover Equal Love, a purpose-driven brand that offers a genderless collection of natural products. Equal Love is on a mission to celebrate diversity and advocate for universal love and beauty that breaks stereotypes. The brand provides high-quality personal care and home goods products that promote a healthy and confident lifestyle for individuals, regardless of gender or self-expression. We love their body wash, which is vegan, cruelty-free, and infused with essential oils, coconut oil, and vitamin E. The Equal Love body wash can also be used as a shampoo, face, and hand wash. 

4. Brownie Points

Baby I’m a Goddess Earrings: $60.00

Brownie Points "Baby I'm a fucking goddess" earrings

Show your confidence with Brownie Points’ Baby I’m A Goddess Earrings that feature a central goddess icon. Brownie Points is a Black-owned and operated brand that sells colorful art prints, clothing, pins, greeting cards, and more. Their shop celebrates authenticity and opens conversations regarding dating, sexuality, and mental health. They’re dedicated to giving back to the community by supporting organizations such as Project Row Houses of Houston and A Long Walk Home, which aims to end violence against women and girls. 

5. Ash & Chess

Trans People Belong Here T-Shirt: $30.00

Someone showing a Trans People Belong Here shirt by Ash & Chess

Advocate for trans rights with Ash & Chess’ Trans Rights Belong Here T-Shirt. This t-shirt comes in an inclusive range of sizes ranging up to 5XL. Ash & Chess is a vibrant stationery and gift company based in Kingston, New York, founded by Ashley Molesso (she/her) and Chess Needham (he/him). As a queer and trans couple, they showcase their artistic talents by creating greeting cards, art prints, accessories, stickers, apparel, and more.

6. Coming Out Happy

Let's Get Into It™️: LGBTQ Couples Edition Card Deck: $25.00

let's get into lgbtq+ couples edition game by Coming Out Happy

Embark on a journey of connection with Coming Out Happy’s conversation deck! Crafted by queer life coaches and a somatic therapist, this deck of 50 questions with three levels of vulnerability is tailored for LGBTQ+ couples. The card deck goes beyond the ordinary, asks queer-focused questions, and is designed to help you get past surface-level conversations. This deck is perfect no matter the occasion or how long you’ve been with your partner. 


Blue Chamomile Tea: $18.00

loose leaf blue chamomile tea by PARU

If you’re a tea lover or know someone who is, PARU is the perfect serene oasis. PARU is known for curating specialty loose-leaf teas, matcha, and tisane sourced from family-owned tea gardens in East and Southeast Asia. Their Blue Chamomile Tea is their first signature blend with sweet, floral notes. The tea also steeps a blue-violet hue as it contains butterfly pea flower, a plant-sourced from a pesticide-free farm in Sa Kaeo, Thailand.

8. Bijou Candles

Willow Palo Santo Candle: $39.00

A willow black glass candle from Bijou Candles

Attention scent enthusiasts, you’ll love Bijou Candles! Bijou Candles aims to create candles that encompass premium quality, captivating scents, and visually appealing designs. They are committed to excellence and use high-quality ingredients sourced locally in New York. Their candles feature non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free fragrance oils, 100% US-grown soy wax, and pure cotton wicks. Experience their Willow Palo Santo Candle, showcasing a sacred blend of Palo Santo, smoky birch tar, labdanum, vanilla bean, cedar, and cade. This candle is designed to purify and cleanse your space with its subtle yet powerful aroma. 

9. Jackfir

Cleanser + Moisturizer Duo: $77.40

Jackfir's green bottle cleanser and moisturizer in a bamboo tray with an orange backgroundn

Are you looking for trustworthy and effective personal care products? You’ll love Jackfir, a certified clean skincare brand. Their Cleanser and Moisturizer Duo is perfect for those looking for a simple yet effective skincare routine. These products work together seamlessly to cleanse and hydrate, revitalizing and nourishing your skin. The Classic Daily Facial Cleanser blends jojoba beads and natural fruit enzymes that cleanse your skin deeply and exfoliate gently. It also contains organic aloe and calendula, which helps refresh your skin. The Classic Daily Facial Moisturizer infuses squalane, snow mushroom, and moringa seed oil, which hydrates and strengthens your skin’s natural moisture barrier. 

10. Reisfields NYC

Courage & Strength Intention Set Crystals: $25.00

Reisfields tigers eye and carnelian crystals n marble

Want to sharpen your concentration and boost your confidence? Meet Reisfields NYC’s Courage & Strength Intention Crystals Set. Reisfields NYC is a Black and queer-owned brand founded in Brooklyn, New York. The brand creates hand-poured, 100% soy wax candles, bespoke small-batch self-care blends influenced by botanicals, and individually handpicked crystals from across the globe, which are ethically sourced and cleansed with Palo Santo for clean energy and vibrations. Their Courage & Strength Intention Crystals Set features a set of 2 towers of a Carnelian and a Tiger’s Eye. The Carnelian is a variety of Chalcedony and gets its fiery red and orange hues from iron oxide. Carnelian banishes fear and emotional negativity and strengthens concentration and passion. Tiger’s Eye is a black and gold crystal that increases awareness and confidence. 

11. The Plant Gays

Love Vase: $40.00

A boxed heart-shaped red vase for flowers

If you’re a plant lover or know someone who is, Plant Gays’ Love Vase is an excellent addition to any room. Display your love for plants (and yourself) in this ceramic vase shaped like a heart! The Plant Gays aims to transform spaces with its Founders Aidan and David’s expertise. Aidan’s interior design skills and David’s landscape architecture background offer unique plant designs, creating a harmonious blend of aesthetics and natural beauty in every space they touch. Elevate your surroundings with the thoughtful craftsmanship and botanical passion embodied in each creation by Plant Gays.

12. Lagusta's Luscious

Small Assorted Chocolate Collection: $42.00

a box of chocolates from Lagustas Luscious

LGBTQ-owned food brand Lagusta’s Luscious’ Small Assorted Collection is perfect for any chocolate lover! This assortment offers various flavors and textures and comprises 15 artisanal chocolates ranging from bonbons to caramels. These chocolates are vegan, and the ingredients are equitably sourced. Indulging in these delectable chocolates satisfies your sweet cravings and supports a socially responsible brand, seamlessly blending ethical choices with the pleasure of exquisite taste.

13. A Seat At The Table Books

"Pageboy: A Memoir" by Elliot Page: $29.99

the cover of the book "Pageboy" by Elliot Page

Are you a bookworm? If so, we highly recommend reading Oscar-nominated trans actor, producer, and director Elliot Page’s memoir “Pageboy.” In this book, Elliot Page captures the universal human experience of searching for ourselves and our place in this complicated world. You can purchase Elliot’s book at A Seat At The Table Books, whose mission is to represent and honor the diversity of cultures, races, spiritualities, gender and sexual identities, sizes, neurodiversities, and abilities. A Seat At The Table Books sells inclusive books and gifts and offers a warm and welcoming space that fosters connection, community, and change. 

14. Suay Sew Shop

The Linen Body Pillow: $130.00

a person sitting and holding two large orange and yellow by Suay Sew Shop

Suay Sew Shop’s Linen Body Pillow is the coolest, coziest pillow! This pillow is washable, durable, and ready to bring you all the comfort you deserve. Suay Sew Shop reimagines and repurposes textile waste to create one-of-a-kind garments and home goods. Each item Suay Sew Shop produces is made in-house by a team of skilled garment makers, ensuring fair pay and ethical labor practices. You choose reduced impact and ethical production when relaxing with this Linen Body Pillow.

15. Common Heir

Vitamin C Serum: $88.00

a box of Common Heir vitamin c serum in a white and black round floral box

Elevate your self-care routine with Common Heir’s Vitamin C Serum – your gateway to clinically proven visibly brighter skin, improved texture, and silky smooth hydration. This serum, enriched with a concentrated form of THD ascorbate, caters to sensitive skin, offering a luxurious experience beyond skin care. By indulging in this serum, you're not just investing in radiant skin; you're supporting a Black-owned, Latinx-owned, and women-owned business committed to sustainability and positively impacting the planet. Treat yourself to the beauty of radiant skin while contributing to a brand that truly cares.

16. Alder New York

Black Obsidian Facial Roller: $39.99

a black obsidian face roller by Alder New York

Relieve tension, reduce face puffiness, and create a more sculpted appearance with Alder New York’s Black Obsidian Facial Roller. The varied-size rollers on each end of this tool allow you to easily reach every area of your face, giving you a relaxing massage that will leave your skin looking and feeling refreshed. Alder New York is a queer and woman-owned independent skincare brand that is committed to clean, vegan, and science-backed formulations. Alder New York also prioritizes sustainability by sourcing locally and using recycled materials for their packaging.

17. Goodee

Bath Brush: $26.00

a wooden and natural bristle brush with yarrow from Goodee

Whether preparing to take on the day or unwinding after a super busy one, Goodee’s natural fiber brush ensures that your skin gets the most sustainably love it needs. Goodee is a marketplace that curates essential homewares and lifestyle products carefully vetted for responsible sourcing, ethical craftsmanship, and long-lasting quality. Goodee brings together brands and artisans committed to positive social and environmental impact.

18. Both&

Both& Tracksuit: $140.25

someone masc in an all green tracksuit from Both&

Stay comfortable throughout the year with Both&’s versatile tracksuit. Both& aims to empower the transmasculine, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming communities worldwide, one garment at a time. The brand has spent three years developing a fit system that caters to the needs of the AFAB, masc presenting community. Both&’s pieces are ethically and sustainably produced, and the brand also offers a pay-it-forward program to help those unable to afford their products.

19. Strapping Store

Current Mood Notebook: $13.00

a rosey pink journal embossed with CURRENT MOOD from Strapping Store

Whether you’re looking to increase mindfulness, create better habits, or search for a new journal, the Current Mood Notebook is perfect for helping you on your self-care journey. Strapping Store is an eccentric retail destination with three locations in Sacramento, California. This beloved establishment has won the hearts of locals with its selection of delightful products now offered online. Strapping has a wide range of unique items that cater to all ages and interests, including stickers, greeting cards, mugs, tote bags, and more.


As we wrap up our exploration of self-care products from LGBTQ+ owned brands, we hope you've found inspiration and discovered new favorites that resonate with your self-care journey. Each product serves as a personal invitation to prioritize self-care while championing businesses that reflect our shared values and contribute to a more inclusive and diverse marketplace. 

If you’re looking for more LGBTQ+ owned brands to support, click here to see all brands on Famm, ranging from wellness, apparel, accessories, home goods, beauty, and more! 


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