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How to Get Your FOLX Labs Done at Quest

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FOLX Health

Apr 22, 2021

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With nearly 2,200 locations, Quest Diagnostics is one of the largest diagnostic test providers in the United States. Since FOLX is a telehealth company and can’t draw your blood for labs directly, we’ll order your tests to Quest. All you have to do is make an appointment, show up, and that’s that. They’ll securely send your results to your FOLX clinician, and you’ll be all set.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting your labs, quick and easy:

Step 1: Make an appointment at your preferred Quest PSC (Patient Service Center).

Your lab requisition (the actual paperwork provided to Quest outlining the test(s) to be performed) will be sent to Quest by your FOLX Clinician. All you need to do is make an appointment before you go in order to confirm the specific Quest location is able to draw the lab your clinician ordered.

The specific Quest location that your clinician picked does not matter--you are able to go to any Quest PSC (Patient Service Center) in your state and they should be able to pull up your lab order when you hand them your ID.

Find your nearest location and schedule an appointment here. Be sure to click, “All other tests,” when you pick your reason for visiting. 

If your name is different than your legal name, please be prepared for the use of legal name at Quest, and potential misgendering. You are welcome to direct any feedback that you want to share about your Quest experience directly with us, and we can use it in training our vendors and holding them accountable to more inclusive care practices.

Step 2: Have your lab requisition on hand & get your labs drawn.

When you get to Quest, they should have your info and lab requisitions from your FOLX clinician. If you would like to have your lab requisition printed out or pulled up on your phone (this is especially helpful if you're traveling across state lines for labs) when you get to Quest, follow these steps in your Athena patient portal:

  • After you login to your portal, on the left side tabs click "My Health"
  • The very last heading on the My Health tab is "Health Reminders" - click that
  • That will allow you to see any pending lab orders
  • If you click on each one, there will be a small "print" button right under the Quest location and phone number
  • If you click that print button, it brings up a new screen with the lab slip, including a barcode that the lab can scan
  • Click on the next order(s) and the print button to pull up that lab slip. Each lab will have a separate one, so will need to be pulled up separately
  • If you pull these up on your phone, the Quest employee can just scan the barcode of each lab from your phone

Optional Step 3: Check your lab results, if you want to.

After your labs have been drawn, it will take a few days for your clinician to receive the results in Athena. Once your clinician reviews your results in Athena, you will receive an email from Athena alerting you to check your patient portal to see the results.  If your clinician has any specific concerns, they will make a note on the lab, or reach out to you directly. If you have any questions for your clinician about what those results mean, please send them a message through your Athena patient portal. They love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions!

If you have any questions about how to get labs done, feel free to reach out to our member advocates at If you have any questions about specific requested labs or lab results, reach out to your FOLX clinician through your Athena patient portal.

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