How Much Does Estrogen HRT Cost at FOLX?

How much does gender-affirming estrogen hormone therapy (GAHT, sometimes known as HRT) cost at FOLX? We know that paying for gender-affirming care can be tricky or confusing, and we’re here for you! We break it all down in this article.

August 1, 2023
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How much does gender-affirming estrogen hormone therapy (GAHT, sometimes known as HRT) cost at FOLX? We know that paying for gender-affirming care can be tricky or confusing, and we’re here for you! We break it all down in this article.


  • FOLX offers accessible, affirming, and joyful care that fits your life, created by the LGBTQIA+ community for the LGBTQIA+ community.
  • Over the course of a year, the average cost for FOLX members not using insurance is between $786-$1,171 for estrogen GAHT/HRT care. This includes all standard appointments, labs, and meds, which works out to about $65-$98 per month.
  • Our transparent pricing is designed so you can get the care you need, with or without insurance, when you need it, from the comfort of your own space (via telehealth). If you ever have questions, our Member Navigators are here for you.
  • At FOLX, all members, including GAHT/HRT members, pay a monthly membership fee ($39.99) with separate payments for the specific care you use.
  • As a FOLX member, you get access to easy appointment scheduling, the FOLX Community Platform, support groups, resources, referrals, messaging with your Care Team whenever you need it, and more.
  • We've also begun to accept insurance! You can use insurance to pay for visits with FOLX clinicians (if we’re in-network with your plan) and your medications (at a pharmacy of your choice).
  • Our clinicians are experts in gender-affirming care. They will ensure you get the care that helps you meet your transition goals and keeps you healthy and well, without unnecessary tests, appointments, or costs.

For estrogen gender-affirming hormone therapy (GAHT, also known as HRT or hormone replacement therapy) at FOLX, you'll pay for a few key aspects of your care.

Your estimated costs:

  • $39.99/month for membership. All members pay our membership fee of $39.99/month OR only $24.92/month if you pay annually ($299 per year). This gives you access to messaging with your Care Team and all the membership benefits. (More below!)
  • $79-$238 / year for clinical visits. GAHT members typically have 1-2 telehealth visits with your clinician per year. If you’re new to FOLX, you’ll have an initial intake with FOLX ($159 for cash pay* or your insurance copay if we’re in-network). If you’re already a FOLX member, you’ll pay the follow-up visit fee of $79 (or your copay) to get started with GAHT. You can meet your clinician whenever you want after the initial visit for $79 or your standard copay (if we’re in-network). Most GAHT members see their clinician one to two times per year for GAHT check-ins.
  • $47-$94 / year for labs. Cost of labs is $47 for standard GAHT/HRT estrogen labs (done 1-2 times per year).
  • Price varies widely for medication depending on route and dose.

a chart of cash pay fees with and without insurance for FOLX Health

Prescription medications/hormone ranges:

  • $45-$90 every 90 days for estrogen pills/oral estradiol.
  • $175-$446 every 90 days for estrogen patches/estradiol patches.
  • $214-$372 every 90 days for estradiol injections.

So to wrap it up, most months you will pay $39.99, every 90 days you’ll pay to get your prescription refill, and once or twice a year you’ll pay for visits and labs! 

Your total estrogen (estradiol) care cost for the year depends on how often you see your clinician, how often you have lab work done, your medication route, frequency, dose, and your insurance.

*“Cash pay” is the price you pay when you don’t use your insurance to pay for care. This is the amount we charge you directly, and no, you don’t have to really pay cash! You’ll pay for FOLX with a debit or credit card.

More information about the costs

FOLX offers transparent pricing and cash pay rates. We also accept some insurance. We make getting medications for hormone therapy easy, with discreet shipping directly to your door!


To get care with FOLX, you first become a member. This means you sign up for a membership for $39.99/month OR only $24.92/month if you pay annually ($299 per year). 

As a FOLX member, you get access to our LGBTQIA+ expert clinicians and so much more.

  • Book and see an LGBTQIA+ expert clinician within a few days for gender-affirming care, virtual primary care and preventive care, sexual and reproductive care, and mental health (in select states).
  • Have your prescriptions sent to the pharmacy of your choice or delivered via the FOLX pharmacy.
  • Message our team of Member Navigators whenever you need. They can help you with resources and referrals or any questions you may have.
  • Explore the FOLX Community Platform, where you can find resources and join discussions with fellow community members.
  • Join a peer-led support group to allow you to connect on a more personal level.
  • Get letters for surgery or name and gender marker changes.

Clinician visits/visits with your care team

You’ll pay for each visit you have with your clinician. Your first visit with your LGBTQIA-expert clinician costs $159 OR if you have insurance that we accept, you’ll pay the copay. Follow up visits are $79, or your copay.

At your visit, you’ll get to explore any questions you might have about GAHT, explore what medications you want to take, and ask any other health questions you might have. A FOLX clinician is always there for follow-up visits. You can also always reach out to your clinical team of nurses and medical assistants between visits with any questions via our patient portal (included in membership).


You’ll get labs done approximately once to twice a year at first. Labs cost $47-$94 for standard GAHT/HRT labs annually for estrogen.


After your first appointment, you’ll get your prescription for 90 days (three months), as medically appropriate. Our FOLX pharmacy delivers GAHT/HRT medications straight to your door, with all the supplies you need! You can also get your script sent to a pharmacy of your choice. If you use a local or online pharmacy of your choice, you may be able to use your insurance to help cover the cost of your medications (depending on your insurance plan).

The estimated medication costs for the most common GAHT medications are below. 

Estrogen (estradiol) pricing

We offer estrogen GAHT in pill form, patch form (transdermal), and injections (intramuscular or subcutaneous). It's up to you and your clinician to decide how you’ll take your medications, how frequently, and at what dose. We break it down below so you can estimate how much estrogen HRT will cost you per month, no matter which method you choose.

With all methods, you can choose to have your meds delivered right to your door via the FOLX pharmacy, Capsule (in some areas), or sent to a pharmacy of your choice. Most of our cash pay members choose to get their meds delivered by FOLX. If you want to use your insurance, you’ll want to choose a local pharmacy or a delivery pharmacy that accepts your insurance.

We typically prescribe medications in 90-day prescriptions, so you can expect to pay for your medications about every 90 days or when you order or pick up your refills.

Estrogen pills (oral estradiol)

Medication costs $45-$90 every 90 days (including shipping) with the FOLX pharmacy.  With GoodRx, estrogen pills cost around $12-$48/month (sent to your local pharmacy).

Estrogen patches (estradiol patches)

Medication costs $175-$446 every 90 days (including shipping) with the FOLX pharmacy. With GoodRx, you will pay ~$25-$90 per month supply of estrogen patches, depending on your dose, from the local or alternate delivery pharmacy of your choice. Sometimes patches can be much more expensive.

Estradiol injections

Medication, supplies, and shipping cost $214-$372 every 90 days for estradiol valerate with FOLX. With GoodRx, you could pay between $25-$178 for a month of estradiol injections.

Note that if you purchase your medications from a non-FOLX pharmacy, you’ll pay for injection supplies (syringes and needles) as an additional fee. These supplies are known as DME (durable medical equipment) and may be listed on your invoice. DME is often covered by insurance.

Additional estrogen HRT medications

We also offer other medications, including progesterone and spironolactone, which some people take alongside their estrogen. We offer anti-androgen or hormone blockers as well. Pricing for a 90-day supply of anti-androgen (T-blockers) is listed below.

Anti-androgen medication pricing (FOLX pharmacy 90 day prices)

  • Dutasteride: $15-$25
  • Progesterone: $25-$35
  • Spironolactone: $22-$50

Medication prices may change or vary based on your insurance, pharmacy, and location

Be aware that these medication prices are estimates and subject to change. You will get an invoice with the exact amount before we charge you or order your refills if you're ordering from the FOLX pharmacy. If you send to a pharmacy of your choice, they will be able to tell you the costs before you pay.

Why transgender and nonbinary folks choose FOLX

FOLX members tell us they love FOLX because it’s so easy to get the care they need, and because our clinicians are so affirming. We’re committed to transparent pricing, and we hope this article helped you estimate your costs. Our Member Navigators are here to answer questions you might have about costs once you become a member, and they can help you find the care that is right for you.

Whether it’s labs, doses, or microdosing-we have resources to help you navigate what gender-affirming care means for you. If you’re wondering about what physical changes to expect, including breast growth, we have articles on that, too!


FOLX Health is the first digital healthcare company designed by and for the LGBTQIA+ community. Our services include virtual primary care, gender-affirming hormone therapy including estrogen and testosterone (HRT), mental health care, sexual and reproductive health care, preventive care, and fertility consultations. FOLX memberships give you access to LGBTQIA+ expert clinicians, peer support, thousands of LGBTQIA+ resources, and more. Whether you’re lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, gender non-conforming, or nonbinary, you can find LGBTQIA+-specialized health care that helps you meet your wellness goals. FOLX Health is health care that's queer all year. Get all the benefits of becoming a FOLX member and sign up today!

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