How to Prepare for Your Telehealth Visit With FOLX

Adjusting to meeting a clinician through a screen can be a challenge, but there are plenty of ways to get the most out of your visit.

May 4, 2021
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Illustrations by Leo Mateus.

1. Choose a clinician you connect with.

We know a lot of folks come to us seeking a clinician with some shared identities, and that’s valid. You will be able to choose the clinician you see in advance. If you want to stick with that clinician, great!

And if you didn’t have the kind of connection with that clinician that you were looking for, no sweat. You can choose a different clinician for your next visit - we just want you to have the experience that best suits you.

We have a variety of LGBTQ-expert clinicians in each state, though the amount of diversity in our clinicians varies across states. We have a majority queer BIPOC clinical staff who we are working to get licensed across multiple states. We continue to actively recruit BIPOC clinicians of diverse genders and experiences.

2. Understand your visits belong to you.

Clinicians work in partnership with you. It's your visit, so the time and space spent with your clinician is your time to discuss what healthcare issues matter most to you. Our job is to help keep you safe and meet your goals, and ultimately support you in your journey toward holistic wellness and well-being.

As clinicians, we can help guide the visit to get the information we need to get you the right treatments. But we respect and are listening for your guidance as well - you can change the direction of the visit whenever you need to. Because we believe in consent in all areas of care, if there is something you don’t want to discuss, we will respect that.

3. Be ready to talk about YOUR needs. If you want to.

You’ll have plenty of time to talk about your goals and experiences. We understand a lot of members have had a really hard time getting the right treatment and challenging to downright terrible experiences with previous clinicians. This is why FOLX exists! We find that a lot of members want space to talk about their goals and, sometimes, their frustrations.  We understand that it might take some time to build trust with a new clinician. We’re ready and here for it.

Alternatively, some folks want to just get in, get their meds, and get out - that’s cool, too.

4. Find a quiet, peaceful spot for your visit.

You’ll get the most out of your visit if you are feeling comfortable in your space. Some things that might help are making sure you have privacy, finding a spot with the best wifi connectivity, sitting in a comfortable spot, and having some quiet around you.

Keep in mind that we’re focused on you and what you’re communicating with us, not your surroundings.

An illustration by Leo Mates of someone wrapped up in bed.

5. Write down any questions in advance.

Especially if you have more than one or two! It can be hard to remember everything in the moment, so feel free to write them down in advance as they come to you. And, of course, if you forget anything, you can always message us through the Athena Patient Portal or schedule another visit.

6. Take notes during your visit.

An illustration from Leo Mateus of a blue open journal.

Most folks have a hard time remembering everything that was discussed during a regular visit.  We’ll send you a follow-up message with important info about your labs and prescriptions, but some folks find that keeping a few notes during the visit helps them remember the details that are important to them.

7. Make use of your Athena Patient Portal for messaging.

If you have any questions you’d prefer not to talk through during the video visit, don’t be afraid to send them as a message. Got questions you feel nervous about talking about in person? Send them through the Patient Portal.

You can message your clinician or our Member Navigators (via the FOLX Help Center) at any time. If you have some questions you feel nervous about, you can send them through the Patient Portal and request they be answered via messaging if that helps.

8. Know that we’re here for you when you need us.

FOLX is designed so that we can be accessible to you if you need us, but out of the way if you don’t need us. We’re not going to bog you down with unnecessary visits because some folks really don’t want or need them.

But other folks do want and need more visits, and that’s okay. At FOLX, your membership includes as many visits as you need - you can always schedule a time to meet with your clinician, send messages to us through the Patient Portal, or reach out to our Member Navigators for any questions. We've got you.


FOLX Health is the first digital healthcare company designed by and for the LGBTQIA+ community. Our services include virtual primary care, gender-affirming hormone therapy including estrogen and testosterone (HRT), mental health care, sexual and reproductive health care, preventive care, and fertility consultations. FOLX memberships give you access to LGBTQIA+ expert clinicians, peer support, thousands of LGBTQIA+ resources, and more. Whether you’re lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, gender non-conforming, or nonbinary, you can find LGBTQIA+-specialized health care that helps you meet your wellness goals. FOLX Health is health care that's queer all year. Get all the benefits of becoming a FOLX member and sign up today!

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