Managing Gender Euphoria on Your Period

Get tips for how to affirm your gender even when on your period.

May 6, 2024
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Gender euphoria on your period can seem like a hard thing to achieve, but you deserve it. From self-care to being your own advocate, there are ways to get there. And bonus, there are pretty awesome brands out there that are making products that can help you achieve gender euphoria on your period. 

Managing gender euphoria on your period

Gender euphoria happens when you’re happy with and affirmed in your gender. What sparks gender euphoria is different for everyone. For some, it could be their outfit or a hairstyle, for others it could be binding or makeup. With that in mind, it’s clear that there is no one size fits all when it comes to gender euphoria on your period. It might even seem impossible, but it’s something you deserve. 

If you’ve ever been in the period aisle, you are no stranger to the pink, purple, and brightly colored boxes that line the shelves, sporting silhouettes of women and gendered information pamphlets. The not so awesome news is that the majority of period care is designed with cis women in mind. But the great news is that new brands are emerging that know that gendered period care sucks and is creating inclusive products. 

While period products are a huge part of menstruation, gender euphoria during your cycle is about more than that. It’s about self-care, pain management, safety, and self-advocacy–and these things are even more important than your period product.

Practicing self-care.

Self-care is SO important when it comes to your period. It is giving yourself the time and space to figure things out without forcing it. If you find that you are experiencing negative emotions because of your period, don’t shame yourself for that. It can be hard to be kind to ourselves when we’ve grown up in a society that, for the most part, has taught us that gender is binary. Social conditioning is a hard thing to break, but remember that periods aren’t gendered and you are more than your period. A period is something that just is. It does not define you. 

In practice, this looks like combating negative self-talk and reminding yourself that your period does not define your gender. It is recognizing that you deserve gender euphoria ALL the time. It is taking a nap if you need one, staying hydrated, dressing in your comfiest clothes, and leaning on friends for support if things get too heavy. 

Managing period pain.

Period pain can be a real bummer and it can highlight the presence of your period. Being prepared to manage pain and symptoms can make it easier to get through your cycle. Making sure you are stocked up on your preferred cramp relief, like ibuprofen, or a heating pad and having clothes that can accommodate for bloating can make a real difference. Being prepared in advance for symptoms can help prevent any dysphoric feelings.

If period pain is something very persistent and affects your daily life, it could be time to talk to your FOLX clinician about pain management and your options. Sometimes doctors may recommend birth control. This can be the most effective way to lessen period pain and lighten your period.

Prioritizing safety.

Safety during your period is always a priority. Unfortunately public toilets can be a dangerous place for trans and non-binary folks and taking account of this while on your period can help you prepare for and avoid any situations that might make you uncomfortable. Some things to be aware of, particularly in the mens room, is that there are no trash bins for tampon and pad wrappers and the plastic wrapping on tampons and pads can be outing. To ensure you can find a bathroom to safely change your period products, try making a note on your phone of bathrooms in your area/city that you feel safe in. You can also try putting on a fresh pad or tampon before leaving your home or switching to a period product that requires less changing like period underwear or cups/discs. 

Being your own advocate.

Self-advocacy or the ability to make your own decision around your period is very empowering and can help you find gender euphoria while on your period. This could look like deciding to suppress or lighten your period with birth control because that makes you the happiest or finding a period product that makes you feel affirmed. It could also be asking questions and voicing your concern with your doctor and tracking your period symptoms to better understand your cycle. Giving yourself the space to try different things and find what works best for you will help you feel happier in the long run. From my own experience, trying different period products and finding the comfiest one for myself really helped my relationship with menstruation and so did period tracking. My favorite inclusive period tracking apps are Embody and Aavia! As for gender-inclusive period products and brands, keep reading :) 

Period products built with you in mind.

Managing gender euphoria on your period might have been a tougher feat 10 years ago before this wave of new and exciting products, but now it’s more accessible and doesn’t even require stepping foot in the period aisle! Products ranging from the classic pads and tampons to newer products like cups, discs, and period underwear are now coming in inclusive packaging, shapes, and sizes and you can get them delivered straight to your door. And no one is complaining about one less trip to the grocery store. 

Period underwear, cups, discs, pads and tampons are all great product options, but it really comes down to your preference. Whatever you choose, make sure you are trying brands built with you in mind like: 

Lunette Cups

Lunette makes period cups and their brand values are sustainability, education, and inclusivity. They recognize the importance of gender neutral guidance, support, and products in the period care space. If you are looking to try period cups, they are a great option. Their cups come in multiple color and size options so you can find the one that is just right for you. 

L. Organic Pads and Tampons

L. is on a mission to make high quality period products accessible for EVERY body. They want all people who have periods to feel seen and heard. Their products are gender neutral and they are pretty accessible for the wallet! It’s a win-win.

monthly Period Underwear

monthly is a period underwear company that is dedicated to empowering folks with periods by providing affirming and comfortable period products. Full transparency, monthly is my brand. While I am certainly biased, I can definitely speak to monthly’s commitment to being gender inclusive, which has always been at the forefront of our brand. While I, myself, am a CIS woman, I was inspired to create monthly because of two experiences. The first was that I have pelvic floor dysfunction, so I cannot use tampons, cups, or discs and was on the hunt for sustainable alternatives. The second is that in 2020 I was first exposed to gender dysphoria when talking to a friend. He told me about the feeling he got in the period aisle and I knew that period care had to do better for all people. After talking to 250+ folks that dealt with endometriosis, gender dysphoria, PCOS, trauma, and pelvic floor dysfunction on their periods, I wanted to help people have a better period experience, so I created monthly and our flagship boxer brief period underwear. Our period underwear absorbs your period, is super comfy, and comes in a true boxer brief silhouette so that they can help EVERY body feel gender euphoria and comfort on their period. Head on over to our website to learn more about what we do! 

In summary

Gender euphoria during your period can seem hard to achieve, but prioritizing yourself by doing things like self-care and being your own advocate can help you get there. Finding period products that were built with you in mind can also make a huge difference. Everyone deserves gender euphoria on their period, and I am so happy that this conversation is being had. Together, let’s keep building representation in the period care space, so these important conversations can make inclusive period care and language the standard. 

Aiko Pickering is the founder and CEO of monthly, a brand focused on making period products designed with real people and periods in mind. Follow monthly on socials @shop.monthly and shop the boxer brief at


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