Creative Power Couple Kaz and Majic Share Their Black Queer Love Story

Artist Mx. Majic and his sex educator partner, Kaz, share their hopes and dreams for their relationships through a series of intimate back and forth questions.

February 9, 2022
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Artist Mx. Majic and his sex educator partner, Kaz, share their hopes and dreams for their relationships through a series of intimate back and forth questions.

Majic: Okay, so first question. What was our best date so far?

Kaz: It was those two days in New York that turned into three because I missed my flight. On the second day, we walked around the streets of NYC and went up on the ferris wheel in the middle of Times Square. It was really beautiful to see the view of the city. We took tons of pictures and videos, and then we had some ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s. I was supposed to leave that night. You drove me to the airport and went back into the city because you had a gig. But I couldn’t get on the flight because my COVID results hadn’t come back in time. I missed my flight and was sitting at the airport waiting for you to come. It was a little past midnight when you came, and we just sat on the floor of the airport loving up on each other. 

Majic: My favorite date so far was our first date, the zoom date because of COVID times, you know? You ate your favorite food and bought some flowers. I think I got you some wine, but you didn’t like that brand and I was like, ‘Well, I tried!’. But it was really beautiful. We got a chance to connect and intentionally create space for us to get to know each other. And the best part of all the beautiful parts is that you sang for me for the first time. 

Kaz: Oh, Lord. So that’s why you’re always asking me to sing. 
Communication is my kink

Kaz: Okay, question two: what’s your favorite thing about us?

Majic: I love that so much. Communication is my kink. I love how goofy we are. We’re always laughing about everything. Laughter is such a beautiful part of our relationship, and it’s wild because you said I wasn’t funny when you first met me. 

Kaz: You didn’t bring out that funny side! I needed that sense of humor and one day it popped up. I think it’s the introverted nature of who you are. 

Majic: That’s true. The laughter we share and the moments that are full of joy are my favorite things about us. What’s yours?

Kaz: My favorite thing about us is how we respect each other’s boundaries. It’s so beautiful to find a partner who you don’t have fear around setting boundaries. I really like how you take time to listen when I’m explaining or setting a boundary or just generally when I speak. It’s how you take time to listen to me entirely. You don’t interject. You wait for me to finish and then ask me questions after. 

Majic and Kaz hugging by Emma Wondra

Majic: Yes, yes. Okay so what’s the biggest difference between us?

Kaz: That you’re there (DC) and I’m here (Kenya)!

Majic: For now.

Kaz: Yeah…for now. The biggest difference between us? I would say our age if anything. There isn’t much else that is different between us. We’re both creatives. We both love to dance. We both are introverts. We love fully and wholeheartedly. And, most importantly, we like to eat. 

Majic: Are we going to tell the people our age gap? How do you feel about that? 

Kaz: I’m okay with it. I have no shame around it. 

Majic: That makes me feel really good. We have an 11 year age gap, but it doesn’t feel like that. We’re both so connected in a way that defies the physical or earthly constructs. We live in different time zones, but when we’re talking it doesn’t feel like we’re thousands of miles apart. We’re always so present and mindful. It’s beautiful to have a connection that defies and transcends physical spaces and time constructs. 

Next question: My biggest wish for you is _______. 

Kaz: My biggest wish for you is that you achieve the most optimum, healthy, loving, freeing version of yourself ever. Whether you’re with me or not, because it has nothing to do with me. But I do hope that my presence doesn’t hinder any of that. I want you to continue becoming the best version of yourself and grow into that person. 

Majic: I love that. My biggest wish for you is to see yourself in a way that reflects all the beautiful, courageous work that you do. You have the heart of a warrior and you’re paving the way for people and shielding them. You’re fighting for queer rights in Kenya. You just did a whole-ass TED talk. You’re living proof that queer people exist on that continent. 

Majic and Kaz touching tongue to tongue - photo by Emma Wondra

What do you love watching me do?

Kaz: Walking. I love watching you walk. There’s something about the way that you walk that’s so beautiful. I could watch you walk forever. I mean, I don’t want you to walk forever, but if you had to I will be your number one fan on the sidelines. Oh, and watching you dance. I love that. 

Majic: Okay, so you love a little dance. What are the must-haves in your house to make it a home?

Kaz: I don’t think it’s anything material. It’s a feeling of safety. And you make me feel safe. How about you?

Majic: I’m going to answer materially because I could get real deep. But a must-have for my home is a comfortable place to lay my head. If I can lay my head down and be able to go to sleep at peace, I feel like I’m home. 

Speaking of home, what’s our next adventure?

Kaz: Our next adventure is living together and starting a life together in Kenya. 

Majic: I completely agree. And for a bit of context, Kaz and I have known each other for four years now and 90% of our relationship has been virtual. I’ve decided to take a big leap of faith and move back to my home country so I can be with her. 

Kaz: Where do you see us in 20 years?

Majic: You and I are going to be done building the farm. We’ll be sitting in rocking chairs outside in front of a fireplace because it gets cold. 

Kaz: We’ll have security geese, tortoises, and rabbits. Oh, yeah. I have the same vision. 

Last question, what’s one piece of advice you’d give to future us?

Majic: It will be that as things change, because change is inevitable, don’t forget the fundamental values of our relationship, which is communication always. What’s your advice?

Kaz: It’s similar. The universe aligned for us to be together. We have seen it visibly in different aspects of our lives. I would say to remember that you are my love and I want to spend the rest of my life [here]. 

Majic: Y'all can't see this, but we're making hearts to each other on Zoom right now. This question wasn't on the list, but it's a question that I want to ask. If you could pick a song that describes us, what song would it be?

Kaz:  I think that's a question for you. 

Majic. My song for you, for us, is called “Make the Most '' by Lonr. It’s beautiful as fu&%. And to the readers, go listen to it now, please. Make sure it’s the live version. 


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