Getting to know Big Dipper

We talked to Big Dipper, our thicc-boy king of raunchy internet pop, about his radical self-love practice, his must-have wellness routine, and coping methods when it comes to anxiety.

September 7, 2021
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Big Dipper (he/him) is a Los Angeles-based recording artist known for his infectiously fun music and thicc boy confidence. His sex and body-positive message and exciting live shows have made him the go-to bear of raunchy internet rap. Big Dipper has toured all over the world, his music can be streamed on all digital platforms, and you've probably already seen his viral music videos. 

Q: If people could see your aura, what would it look like?

Sparkly but a bit stressed out

Q: How do you practice radical self-love?

I’m not sure. I think I do this in ways I don’t understand, but I’ve never really linked any of my behaviors to self-love. I think one thing could be confidence, and pushing myself to behave in confident ways. My "fake it till you make it" attitude and leading with positivity and confidence have yielded great benefits for me. That is a form of self-love. Also for the last 6 months, I’ve been using my time, energy, and resources to do things for myself and my body; to invest in my physical form and be healthier and more engaged, that’s a form of self-love too.

Q: What kind of plant are you?

A baby one that needs some help growing. Though I’m nearing 40 years old, I feel like I have just begun so much of my life journey and I’m still learning so much about myself and how to thrive. There are so many situations where I still feel green and brand new and in need of nurturing and mentorship.

Q: What is one part of your routine that you can’t live without?

A Nap. Whether this is a real nap when I actually fall asleep, or just a short break from work where I can tune out for anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. A true mental break is so important for me to refresh my energy and get myself motivated for the next task. 

Q: How do you cope when you’re feeling anxious?

I try to breathe and look at the macro world around me. The issues and problems I’m facing at any one moment that cause anxiety are always much smaller and significantly more trivial than the world around me. It helps me recenter my perspective, express gratitude for my life experiences, and reminds me to be humble.

Q: What is your wellness mantra?

I don’t have one. I guess I should?


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