Getting to know Sammy Kims, Performance Artist and Sex Liberator

We talked to Sammy Kims, a non-binary Korean-American performance artist and sex worker based in Brooklyn, New York about this wellness routines and mantra.

September 13, 2021
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Sammy Kims (they/them) is a queer, non-binary Korean-American performance artist, sex worker and sex liberator, and inclusive space-maker based in Brooklyn, NY. They are a vocal advocate for the intersectional justice needed in sex media and sex work to destigmatize sexual liberation and create safety and care for sex workers.

We chatted with them before this week's "Sex Workers Need Safety Not Saviors" event as part of the FOLX Health & Wellness Summit and learned about their must-have rituals and mantras. 

Q: If people could see your aura, what would it look like?

My aura would be calm blue currents, flowing and swirling with ease and unhurried direction, flowing into my extremities and sensory receptors, flowing outwards from my center, my heart, producing a light, a glow that spills out shimmers and sparkles. Like an estuary or a galaxy. 

Q: How do you practice radical self-love?

Radical self-love is allowing all your multitudes to exist abundantly. It is knowing that your existence is the only justification you need for being here. It is giving abundantly because you have all that you need. It is respecting your own and others’ boundaries. It is communicating your needs without compromise, but being solution-oriented because there is always a way. It is ensuring I work with care in mind, not productivity. It is moving in anti-capitalist, anti-racist, anti-phobia intentions and actions. 

Q: What kind of plant are you?

I am a plant that smiles in shining sun and consistent rain, but is resilient in even the darkest corners. I am adaptable to my environment and enjoy sprouting my leaves and vines around other plants around me, creating a garden of intertwined neighbors, only thriving through our colorful symbiosis. Maybe I will flower every now and then when I am feeling extra in my element, which happens more frequently as I age.

Q: What is one part of your routine that you can’t live without?

Having moments of solitude within my busy work life. Having moments to be still, clear my mind of pressure, and be with nature. Checking in with myself to feel whole and present, that life isn’t solely measured by productivity, that existence is living life too. 

Q: How do you cope when you’re feeling anxious?

When I’m anxious, I try to clear my mind of what’s controlling me, and instead feel present within my body, within this moment. I close my eyes and take deep breaths to slow down my mind and body. I will not allow myself to react out of fear, but instead take time to distance myself from it and orient myself to being solution-oriented. If I’m still feeling pent up, I will do something to get my mind off it, like spend time with a friend or hit the gym. 

Q: What is your wellness mantra?

Unconditional love will not make you feel heavy or constricted. Love is supposed to make you feel free. 


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