How Allies Can Support the LGBTQIA+ Community During Pride Month

As an ally, your support during Pride month—and beyond—plays a crucial role.

June 4, 2024
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Pride Month is a celebration of LGBTQIA+* identities, history, and culture. It's a time for honoring the progress made in the fight for equality and recognizing the work still ahead. As an ally, your support during this month—and beyond—plays a crucial role in fostering a more inclusive and accepting world. Here are meaningful ways you can show up for the LGBTQIA+ community this Pride Month, and all year round.

*The LGBTQIA+ acronym stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trangender, queer, intersex and asexual. The plus stands for other identities that might be part of the broader rainbow, such as gender diverse, nonbinary, and pansexual.

Listen and Learn

The first steps to being an effective ally are listening actively and making an effort to educate yourself. Take the time to learn about LGBTQIA+ history, struggles, and triumphs. Listen to the stories and experiences of LGBTQIA+ people to understand their perspectives better. This knowledge will enable you to empathize and advocate more effectively.

Resource Suggestion: 

Dive into books, documentaries, podcasts, and online resources that focus on LGBTQIA+ topics. Follow LGBTQIA+ creators and activists on social media to stay informed about current issues and discussions. Here are some resources we love:

  • ACLU - This page by the ACLU tracks current anti-LGBTQ legislation (at 515 bills as of this publishing).
  • PFLAG -  PFLAG is dedicated to supporting, educating, and advocating for LGBTQ+ people and their families and has a great collection of resources.
  • Erin Reed’s Substack - Erin writes about important pieces of trans and queer news and legislation for the week.
  • TransLash Podcasts - Hosted by Imara Jones, TransLash tells trans stories to save trans lives.
  • Here We Are - A moving transgender story project by GLAAD and GROUND Media.
  • Disclosure - A documentary on transgender representation in television and films.
  • The Out Side: Trans & Nonbinary Comics - 29 trans & nonbinary comic artists share their personal journeys of self-discovery and acceptance in this anthology.
  • Schuyler Bailar - Schuyler publishes accessible information for allies and gives workshops regularly.
  • FOLX Health workplace newsletter - Get articles like this as well as other resources and updates in your inbox about once a month.

Use Inclusive Language

Language is powerful. Using inclusive language shows respect and recognition of people's identities. Make a conscious effort to use correct pronouns and avoid gendered terms that exclude non-binary or genderqueer individuals. Simple changes in your everyday language can make a significant difference in making others feel seen and respected.

Practical Tips: 

  • Use Gender-Neutral Terms: Practice using gender-neutral terms like "partner" instead of assuming "husband" or "wife," and "folks" instead of "ladies and gentlemen." Choose “parents and caregivers” instead of “moms and dads.”
  • Add Your Pronouns: Add your pronouns to your professional presence, such as your LinkedIn profile, your Zoom name, and your email signature. This supports gender diverse people and also signals to folks in the LGBTQIA+ community that you are a safe and inclusive person.
  • Diversify Your Stories: If you’re a caregiver or educator, find diverse stories that showcase diverse kids and families with LGBTQIA+ identities and be mindful of how you mark holidays like mother’s and father’s day.
  • Avoid Assumptions: When meeting new people, avoid assuming their gender or the gender of their partners. Use neutral terms like “they” until you know their preferred pronouns and relationships.
  • Correct Mistakes Gracefully: If you misgender someone or use the wrong term, apologize, correct yourself, and move on. Show that you are committed to learning and improving without making the conversation about your mistake.

Show Up as a Supporter

Your presence can be a show of support. Allies are welcome to attend most Pride events, marches, and community activities. Attending LGBTQIA+ events is a great way to learn more about the community and soak up some of our amazing culture. Be mindful that you’re a guest in these spaces. This might look like standing at the side of a parade and cheering the marchers on or it could be joining your company’s ERG (employee resources group) in the march. It could also look like donating a little extra when you purchase a ticket to your local drag brunch or comedy show. It takes a lot of funds and volunteers to put on Pride events, and your support can make a big difference!

Bonus Ideas:

  • Bring friends and family, especially kids, along to the family-friendly events. It’s a great chance for them to get to learn more about the community and have a fun day.
  • Volunteer to support your local Pride. We always need folks to help set up spaces, support during events, and clean up after. This is an excellent way to show your allyship in addition to just coming and benefitting from the fun.
  • Offer to accompany LGBTQIA+ adults or kids you know. Maybe a friend, family member, or kid’s friend is looking for a buddy to attend an event with, especially if they are more recently out or newer to a community. You can offer to keep them company!
  • Wear rainbows, fun outfits, or meaningful t-shirts. Pride is all about vibrance. We love to see rainbows, fancy and festive wear, and shirts with messages of support like “Protect Trans Youth.”

Support LGBTQIA+ Businesses

Supporting LGBTQIA+ owned businesses is another powerful way to be an ally of the LGBTQIA+ community. Choose to shop at LGBTQIA+ owned businesses, purchase art and services from LGBTQIA+ creators, and dine at restaurants or cafes owned by LGBTQIA+ individuals. This not only helps sustain these businesses but also amplifies their voices in the marketplace. When you buy a Pride t-shirt from an LGBTQIA+ artist instead of a major corporation, you’re expressing your support in multiple ways and making a difference in an LGBTQIA+ person’s life.

How to Start: 

Look for local LGBTQIA+ business directories or online platforms that highlight LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs and their products. Here are a few:

Speak Up Against Discrimination

Allies have a unique position of influence. Use your voice to challenge homophobia, transphobia, and discrimination whenever you encounter it. This could be in casual conversations, in the workplace, in politics, or on social media. Speaking out against bigotry helps create safer spaces for everyone.

Action Steps: 

  • When you hear derogatory comments or jokes, address them directly. Educate others on why such language is harmful and encourage more inclusive behavior.
  • Advocate for inclusive policies inside your workplace, and encourage your company to make sure everyone has up-to-date trainings and resources for LGBTQIA+ inclusion.
  • When you see anti-LGBTQ bills, call your elected official and let them know you are against the bill.
  • Vote for politicians who also speak up against discrimination and promote LGBTQIA+ equity and inclusion.

Donate and Volunteer

Consider donating to organizations that support LGBTQIA+ rights, health, and well-being. Volunteering your time and skills to LGBTQIA+ nonprofits or community centers can also have a significant impact. Your contributions help sustain vital services and advocacy efforts. As mentioned earlier, Pride events are always looking for volunteers! But you can also give and volunteer all year long.

Where to Give: 

Research and choose organizations that align with your values and have a strong track record of supporting the LGBTQIA+ community. Here are some organizations and causes we love, where you can either donate or volunteer:

Be There Year-Round

Pride is not just a month-long event; it's a lifelong commitment to equality and justice. Continue to support LGBTQIA+ communities every day, all year long. Advocacy, education, and support should be ongoing to create lasting change. If you’re ever looking for what to do, feel free to revisit this list, as you can participate in learning, LGBQTIA+ culture, and inclusion efforts all year round. You can also work to ensure your schools, workplaces, families and communities support LGBTQIA+ people in culture and policies.

Long-Term Commitment: 

Commitment starts internally, with deciding you’re going to do it. You can say to yourself, or write a note somewhere something like: “I commit to keep learning, showing up, and speaking out. I will advocate for policies that protect LGBTQIA+ rights and promote inclusivity in my community.”

Thank You for Your Allyship

Your support as an ally is invaluable. By listening, learning, participating, and advocating, you help create a world where everyone is celebrated and accepted for who they are. Together, we can make a difference. Thank you for standing with the LGBTQIA+ community this Pride Month and beyond. Your allyship helps build a more equitable and loving world for all.


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