Interview with Luna Lovebad

We talked to LA-based artist and musician Luna Lovebad about her wellness routines, practicing radical self-love, and what plant she would be.

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Luna Lovebad is a woman of trans experience and a Latinx artist from Compton, CA. Her journey into her life as a woman, performer, and online personality began as a teenager on Myspace, then later on to Instagram. Nevertheless, she uses her platform to advocate and raise awareness of social issues related to the LGBTQ+ community.

Q: If people could see your aura, what would it look like?

I always imagined my aura to be ethereal with hues of pink and lilac with sparkle emojis around me 😂  

Q: How do you practice radical self-love?

I practice radical self-love when I get ready for the day. We all deserve to look and feel our best selves. Therapy also taught me so many different mantras/phrases that are acts of radical self-love like being a better friend to myself, allowing myself to follow my heart, hopes, and dreams. And to be independent of other people's approval. It always helps to say them multiple times out loud. 

Q: What kind of plant are you?

I think I am a pink princess philodendron. Pink and very rare.

Q: What is one part of your routine that you can’t live without?

I love setting the mood when I get ready for the day. I usually drink tea or coffee, light incense, play music, or sing while I get ready. Definitely couldn't live without my lil' get ready rituals. 

Q: How do you cope when you’re feeling anxious?

When I feel anxious I take deep breaths, make sure I’m hydrated, but most of all I found that writing down what I'm feeling helps ease my anxiety. 


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