National LGBT Resource Guide for Queer And Transgender Organizations

Are you a transgender youth looking for support? Or maybe you are looking for LGBT organizations to donate your money to. Either way, we've created a state-by-state LGBT national resource guide to make sure that our FOLX members and allies get access to the programs that save lives.

August 17, 2022
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For a lot of us who grew up in smaller cities or more conservative states around the U.S., we know what it’s like to feel helpless in the healthcare system. When going to the doctors, looking for a therapist, or navigating LGBTQ+ competent or gender affirming care can feel exhausting. Over the past few years, record-breaking anti-trans bills have attacked transgender youth as well as their families and healthcare providers. We've seen Alabama determine gender affirming care a Class C felony, South Carolina and Ohio attempt to criminalize trans-affirming medical providers, and Tennessee try to outright ban gender-affirming care to pre-pubescent youth. With SCOTUS' Roe v Wade ruling, we are further limited in our access to queer and transgender healthcare as well as reproductive rights. While more liberal states have the privilege of maintaining national healthcare institutions such as Planned Parenthood, transgender and queer folks in less metropolitan and more rural areas will need to further rely on the grassroots transgender and POC-led health and social service organizations. 

We’ve collected a few resources from each state as a starting point to creating a queer, transgender, POC-focused guide to healthcare, mental health, community organizing, and general wellness. This certainly isn’t a comprehensive list, but we hope this will inspire a wider collection of resources for folks around the country to get connected to health and well-being in their local communities. Even if you aren't seeking services for yourself, our neighborhood LGBTQ centers, shelters, and collectives depend on financial resources in the face of continued anti-trans legislation. To fight these attacks on transgender youth, it's crucial to consider donating to the organizations listed below. Redistributing funds away from larger corporations into LGBT community spaces, such as these queer non-profits helps create and maintain the backbone of queer health services.

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Magic City Acceptance Center is a drop-in center in Birmingham, Alabama that hosts programming for adults, families, and youth. They even have a few Discord groups to bring certain age groups together in the community.

TAKE Bham, also based in Birmingham, is a POC, trans-centric drop-in center that offers a variety of programs such as a transmasculine peer support group, legal assistance, life coaching, and crisis assistance funds. 


Choosing Our Roots is a trauma-informed queer housing initiative in Anchorage with wrap-around services for young people, families, and adults. 

Identity Alaska provides primary care, psychological care, therapy, STI testing, and PrEP in Anchorage. They also work with insurance companies as well as Medicaid and Medicare to cover the cost of services.  



Trans Spectrum of Arizona in Phoenix offers online and in-person support groups for everyone who identifies under the transgender and gender nonconforming umbrella. 

Trans Queer Pueblo is a Phoenix-based Latinx-centered political action and support group that offers community care and healing.



House of GG was founded by Miss Major Griffin-Gracy in Little Rock to create a safe place for physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual healing geared towards trans women of color. 

Intransitive provides art, education, advocacy, and organizing to support transgender immigrants of color in Mabelvale. 



The Brown Boi Project, based in Oakland, offers community resources for masculine of center womyn, men, Two-Spirit people, and transmen of color. 

Trikone is a San Francisco-based collective of LGBTQIA+ people of South Asian descent who have ethnicities that originate from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Tibet.



One Colorado, based in Denver, is a resource center for LGBTQ+ Coloradoans and their families. Their Colorado-specific healthcare resource page is an excellent place to help you navigate healthcare providers. 

The Black Trans Advocacy Coalition is a national online hub for education and local health, employment, and housing resources for Black trans folks. 



Middlesex Health in Middletown provides trans, gender non-conforming, and gender expansive care and resources to get connected to affirming care, as well as support groups. 

Connecticut TransAdvocacy Coalition's mission is to make Hartford and the rest of Connecticut a safer and more affirming place for all trans and gender expansive folks through education and social advocacy. 



CAMP Rehoboth Community Center in Rehoboth Beach offers a variety of programs and networks for folks to get connected to healthcare, mental health, arts/culture, civic engagement, and legal services. 

The Village Delaware is a social group in Wilmington for LGBTQ+ youth and adults to find community.


LIPS Tampa promotes all aspects of health and wellness by Black trans women for Black and POC trans folks. 

Equality Florida in St. Petersburg offers resources and information to protect LGBTQ+ individuals and families. 



TRANScending Barriers is a Black, trans-led organization in Atlanta that provides programming, case management, and health and legal support for trans folks. 

Solutions Not Punishment Collaborative is a Black trans and queer-led organization in Atlanta focused on investing in their communities and growing political power. 



The Hawaii LGBT Legacy Foundation in Honolulu hosts events, resources, and town halls to create safe LGBTQ+ communities throughout Hawaii. 

The Kua'ana Project in Honolulu is a community-focused trans initiative focused on learning from one another’s experiences as a means of support. 



The Community Center in Boise offers events and community resources for everyone under the LGBTQ+ umbrella. 

The North Idaho Pride Alliance is a resource hub for education, advocacy, and networking in the LGBTQ+ community throughout North Idaho. 



Brave Space Alliance is a Black-led, trans-led center in Chicago for resources, support groups, and community building.

Affinity 95 offers support groups, resources, and events for LGBTQ+ Black folks, particularly Black women in Chicago. 



TransIndy is a social support group for trans and gender-diverse folks in central Indiana.

Indiana Youth Group offers case management, rehousing, and support groups for LGBTQ+ youth in Indianapolis. 



One Iowa in West Des Moines promotes and advocates for LGBTQ+ equity and respect in the workplace through training and inspiring leaders. 

Iowa Mutual Aid aims to provide financial assistance to trans and nonbinary folks seeking gender-affirming care throughout all of Iowa. 



The Center of Wichita offers resources for LGBTQ+ individuals and families in south-central Kansas. 

Transformations in Kansas City gives trans and gender expansive folks access to information, resources, and programming, including links to other local hotlines. 



Trans Kentucky is a hub for all transgender and gender non-conforming Kentuckians to find resources throughout the state. 

Change Today, Change Tomorrow, based in Louisville, offers a Black Trans Relief Direct Person Fund. 



House of Tulip provides care and case management to trans and gender non-conforming folks in New Orleans. 

Louisiana Trans Advocates, based in Baton Rouge, helps trans people with financial assistance throughout the name change process. 



MainTrans.Net, based in Portland, offers a queer and transgender POC support group and resources for the state of Maine. 

OUT Main provides LGBTQ+ programming for youth, families, and schools in Rockland. 



Baltimore Safe Haven is Baltimore’s “only trans-led drop-in wellness center.”

Trans Maryland provides T4T support groups, name change assistance, and resources for gender-affirming care. 



Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition is a Boston-based group by trans folks for trans folks that provides “a consistent voice to key decision-makers about the lives of all trans, nonbinary, and gender expansive community members in Massachusetts.”

Transgender Emergency Fund, based in Boston, provides services and aid to low-income and homeless transgender individuals. 



The Ruth Ellis Center in Highland Park provides support services to LGBTQ+ youth who are experiencing homelessness or in the welfare system with an emphasis on people of color. 



Minnesota Trans Health Coalition in Minneapolis aims to make gender-affirming healthcare more accessible through shot clinics, syringe exchanges, and support groups. 

RECLAIM in St. Paul is a mental health network for queer and trans youth and their families to get access to supportive therapy. 



Gulf Coast Community Center brings LGBTQ+ folks together in community by holding support services and groups in Gulfport. 



Queer and Trans People of Color: STL is a social group for QTPOC people to form community. 

PROMO provides local resources, such as a list of affirming hospitals and tools for schools and families across Missouri. 



TransVisible Montana is a social group that brings together trans, nonbinary, and Two-Spirit folks for community and social justice awareness. 

Rural Transgender Wellness Project brings folks together through education, research, and social change. 



Trans Nebraska offers community resources as well as name and gender marker changes for IDs, passports, and social security cards. 



The Henderson Equality Center offers a wellness clinic, food pantry, and social services to LGBTQ+ folks. 

The Center Las Vegas offers community groups, wellness services, and youth and family services. 


New Hampshire

The Venture Out Project hosts backpacking and wellness trips for queer and trans folks across New Hampshire. 

TransGender New Hampshire is a social group dedicated to connecting trans, nonbinary, and gender-expansive folks across New Hampshire.


New Jersey

HiTOPS in Princeton provides sex education and training to schools and organizations, as well as queer and trans support groups. 

The Pride Center in Highland Park offers youth programs, support services, and health resources to LGBTQ+ folks. 


New Mexico

The Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico provides direct services through a drop-in center as well as virtual support groups in Albuquerque. 

Common Bond New Mexico provides a program for LGBTQ+ youth to socialize safely in Albuquerque. They also spearhead the HIV Emergency Project. 


New York

The Audre Lorde Project is a community organizing hub for QTPOC folks in New York City. 

bklyn boi hood hosts workshops, bike rides, retreats, and camping trips by and for Black and Brown queer and trans bois. 

The Okra Project, in their words, is a “collective that seeks to address the global crisis faced by Black Trans people by bringing home-cooked, healthy, and culturally specific meals and resources to Black Trans People wherever we can reach them.” 


North Carolina

The Campaign for Southern Equality in Asheville offers community, legal, and emergency help and assistance for LGBTQ people. 

The Queer Mobilization Fund is a rapid response fund used to build community and liberate QTPOC folks. 


North Dakota

Tristate Transgender is a social group for trans and gender-expansive folks to gather and have fun in Fargo. 



Equitas Health provides a list of state medical providers categorized by specific needs and/or identity. 

Trans* Wellness is a support group hosted through the LGBT Center of Cleveland. In addition to this specific group, the Center also provides educational materials and services. 



Freedom Oklahoma, based in Oklahoma City, educates and provides employment, health, housing, and youth services to LGBTQ+ folks. 

Trust Women in Oklahoma City provides gender-affirming care, hormone therapies, and referrals to LGBTQIA physicians if needed.



Sankofa Collective Northwest is home to Portland’s LGBTQ+ Black community through support, education, and advocacy. 

Even though this is a university resource, Portland State’s LGBTQ+ resource page lists an abundance of mental health resources and collectives for queer folks. 



SisTers PGH is a Black and trans-led non-profit organization that serves QTBIPOC in Southern Pennsylvania through various committees and collectives. 

Transfaith in Philadelphia describes itself as a “national non-profit that is led by transgender people. We are a multi-tradition, multi-racial, multi-gender, multi-generational organization working to support transgender spiritual/cultural workers and their leadership in community.”


Rhode Island

Options, based in Providence, is a queer digital media platform that lists a variety of resources for LGBTQ+ folks in Rhode Island. 

Youth Pride is a drop-in center and service provider for LGBTQ+ folks 23 and under. 


South Carolina

Harriet Hancock Center provides LGBTQ+ affirming and supportive health and wellness resources, including everything from hair salons to OBGYNs. 

We Are Family offers a variety of programs for youth in Providence, including social support, mental health services, and name change services. 


South Dakota

The Transformation Project Advocacy Network in Sioux Falls provides resources, help centers, hotlines, and services for youth, adults, families, educators, and allies. 

Black Hills Center for Equality in Rapid City does community and advocacy work through scholarships and connections to LGBTQ+ affirming businesses. 



My Sistah’s House provides emergency housing, coaching, bail requests, and services to LGBTQ+ folks in the Memphis area. 

The Tennessee Vals is a Nashville-based community and advocacy group that meets to discuss trans issues and education. 



The Black Trans Advocacy Coalition is a hub for education and local health, employment, and housing resources for Black trans folks.
Black Trans Men is a coalition in Carrollton that offers mentoring, scholarships, support, and resources. 

The Transgender Education Network of Texas provides a comprehensive Austin-based network of resources for children, adults, and families in nearly every aspect of life. It’s a particularly rich resource for trans children and their parents. 



Transgender Education Advocates of Utah advocate for non-discrimination and equality across the state while also linking folks to employment, housing, healthcare, and identity document services. 

The University of Utah has a Trangender Health Program that does not require a referral. Youth, teens, and adults can get access to different therapies such as gender-affirming hormone therapy (GAHT) and voice therapy, behavioral health and wellness, and family planning. 



THRIVE is QTBIPOC-specific programming and community building through the Pride Center of Vermont, Burlington. Activities include sharing meals, wellness education, and mutual aid access. 

Outright, based in Burlington, offers camps, LGBTQ+ youth groups, queer meetups, sexual health education, trans groups, and parent groups. 



Equality Virginia provides education and connection to legal, health, housing, employment, school, voting, and travel services, among many other statewide services. 

Casa Brumar in Gainesville hosts an evergreen google sheet of Virginia-based resources as well as an LGBTQ+ symposium and a new educational assistance program for youth. 



UTOPIA is a trans, POC-led organization that helps folks get connected to basic needs, immigration and legal services, healthcare, and peer support in South King County. They also have a Sex Worker Empowerment Initiative. 

The Lavender Rights Project offers legal, housing, and gender-based violence prevention services to Black intersex and gender diverse communities in Tacoma. 


West Virginia

Fairness West Virginia provides all types of resources for queer folks in Charleston, but they specifically house a trans healthcare navigator that lets you search by your location. 

Caritas House provides housing and HIV/AIDS services to North-Central West Virginia. 



Diverse & Resilient does work in anti-violence, substance abuse, consulting, and sexual health in Milwaukee. 

OutReach is a community center with programming for all ages, including the Madison Area Transgender Association. In addition to social and health services, they host a variety of social events as well. 



Wyoming Equality provides scholarships, healthcare info, and meetups. They also have a resources page that is particularly detailed by locations within the state.


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